Kendrick Lamar in Williamsburg, BK

1174830_707717082578007_1214418913_nA friend of mine and I got to the event at 1:30 in the afternoon only to see a long line outside & a 4.5 hours of waiting. Luckily we weren’t too far away from the entrance. We were about 50 people behind. 3 hours passed and the line finally decides to move. During our long-awaited journey to get in the show we made some cool friends along the way. The show was supposed to start at 5:30.

We’re finally in, found a good spot in front of the stage on the left side with our other friends, only to wait 2 more agonizing hours for the show to start. A young emcee by the name of Bishop Nehru takes the stage at 7 PM, opening up for Kendrick with an old school vibe to his lyrics. At 17 years old, he already grabs the reigns of hip hop like the greats. DOPE KID.

Next up, T.D.E.(Top Dawg Entertainment) label mates Jay Rock & Ab-Soul, both producing a top of the line performance.

Last but not least, what my friends and I’ve waited 7 hrs for… feet bleeding in pain from standing, Kendrick Lamar blesses the stage of Brooklyn with a dope entrance, hyping the crowd. As expected, he performed Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe, Swimming Pools, his famous verse on Bad Bitches, and my personal favorite Backseat Freestyle.

Overall… the long 7 hour wait standing was worth every second.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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