90s House Party x TK in the AM

photo“Ain’t no party like a TK party cuz a TK party don’t stop!!”. This weekend, R.E.A.L Muzic had the great opportunity of attending radio personality Tasty Keish aka TK of TK in the AM’s 90s house party. Let me explain what a 90s party look like. There were costumes, big gold rope chains, a Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson look-alike, a mural being drawn in the Back To The Future font, west coast style with the top button latched to the neck and even a video of House Party 2 playing on the projector in the background while the DJ spins old school classics of almost all genres. Talk about back in the days.

The illest part of the night was it was being broadcast LIVE on TK in the AM. What greater way to record such remarkable moments and rub it in the faces of people who missed this awesome event? YA’LL WISH YA’LL CAME, DIDN’T YA! Overall the party was DOPE and STOOPID FRESH. The turn out was great. People were enjoying themselves, reminiscing on the old school days and what all house parties are about, having a good ol’ time.

Shout Outs to Tasty Keish and Conscious for being such phenomenal hosts and bartenders, DJ’s Jimmy Guapo and Mursi Layne for bringing back memories and to all the people who attended & had fun. There are more TK parties to come so keep watching us and make sure you tune into TK in the AM, giving you 3 reasons to wake up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10-11:30 AM.


(P.S. Walk Like A Champion always gets a party started. Click Play – JayeB)


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