Keep An Eye Out For Tristan Mack Wilds!

Congratulations to Miss Truth of Sealed Kiss on nabbing a job with Bossy Magazine, launched by Tionna Smalls of the VH1 reality show, What Chilli Wants.

From Bossy Magazine 

by Ms. Truth
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tristan+Wilds+Tristan+Wilds+Visits+Music+Choice+rIvDtX6A-vclSome of you may know Tristan Wilds from TV shows and movies like The Wire, Red Tails, and 90210, but he goes by the stage name, Mack Wilds. This singer/rapper is only 24-years-old and marking his own lane. Surprised to hear that he can sing, he had a love for rapping before he started acting; now you can get a taste of his talent with a new album out called New York: A Love Story.

This Staten Island kid brought back that 90′s feel with heavily hip-hop influenced album with samples from Mobb Deep, Jay-Z and most importantly a hip-hop remix to Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time.”

Influenced by Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, Marvin Gaye, and Kanye West, his sound is refreshing to musical ears. The growing buzz around Mack Wilds is becoming major. First single off the album is “Own It” already in heavy rotation on NY radio. Check it out:

2595Tristan Mack Wilds is a BOSS making his own empire. Movies under his belt and now an album who knows what’s next keep your eye out.

This post originally appeared on Bossy Magazine. Republished with permission.


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