Nitty Scott Says Whoa x WordSpit the ILLest [LISTEN]

karmavideo61b1f2f7887eContinuing his climb to the release of “Wrath of the Illest,” WordSpit puts his personal spin on Drake’s latest, “Pound Cake” on “Nitty Scott Says Whoa” (in which he explains the meaning for the name at the end of the song).

“My life is my music, so I’m not afraid to share my most intimate moments with my listeners,” said WordSpit on his motivation for writing the song.  “This verse is about a relationship that I was in, which made me question my love for my partner and whether or not I was in the relationship for the right reasons. I often questioned what line I was treading. Was it love, lust or just knowing someone was there for me?”

Aside from his new release, WordSpit teamed up with for this innovative online flip book which was set in WordSpit’s neighborhood of East NY (Also featuring Baxter WordsWorth and Quanna MC.)


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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