Doing the Right Thing… Off The Streets & Into The DEBATE

Tyler & Shamella ACORN DebateEveryone has a history with their old high school. but it’s not everyday that your old high school makes history. I am VERY proud of the students on ACORN Community High School’s Debate team, especially Tyler Anderson & Shamella Jeffers. Back in 2006, I helped command this team through many tournaments as one of its captains. More recently, I’ve helped coach and judge under the school name. ACORN Community paved the way for many in the debate community.

Tyler & Shamella just solidified the school’s name and made their names known to ALL debaters within The New York Urban Debate League. I’ve watched and judged these two talented, high-spirited teens. Needless to say, they deserve it. Here’s the story from the NYUDL’s Facebook page.

ACORN MAKES HISTORY!! ACORN Community HS has been making history all year but today was icing on the cake! ACORN debaters Tyler Anderson and Shamella Jeffers have won local tournaments, regional tournaments, national tournaments, top speakers and top teams at the National Urban Debate Championships, invited to the White House, met the President, met members of Congress and nearly every Cabinet Secretary, invited to every Round Robin, Proclamation of Honors from City Council, and now first bid to the Tournament of Champions!! Wow! Wow! Wow! And all that in just the past couple months and its only October – the beginning of the debate season! Congrats Tyler and Shemalla! Congrats Coaches Jen Johnson, Lee Sharmat, Shana Bryce, the ACORN Debate Team, Ben Honoroff, and so many others! Another historical accomplishment for the legacy of ACORN Debate and New York City. Congrats.

From Bryce’s helping hand… Congratulations GUYS, you’ve earned it!



#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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