Motorcycle Jackets Are In & They’re Even Cooler

Classic Motorcycle Jacket SLParis 2“The best way to break in any leather jacket is – and will always be – by wearing it for a lifetime.”

– Todd Snyder

Every thought motorcycle jackets were a great look, but didn’t know how to rock it? Well here’s to a new phase of fashion for men. It’s been dubbed the Look-at Me  era and presents a more brash, bold & eye-popping look for the guys.

To our delight, GQ Magazine highlighted 30 essential trends in its special edition, What To Wear Now, that have reached its high pedestal in this era. We’re sharing the Top 5 trends that fit into aEM’s Men’s Style Guide.

First up on our Top 5 is the motorcycle jacket, which has become more polished, giving guys a better variety to the way they wear it. Here’s the 4 things to remember when adding this to your wardrobe.

  1. Buy it a bit tighter than you usually would a jacket. Leather stretches for a better fit as you break it in.
  2. Be groomed. Add a tie. Not everyone can pull off the messy look of the rock starts. It just looks wrong. Try replacing your everyday blazer with the jacket.
  3. Wear It Inside! Social gatherings, children’s play dates, formal outings. It looks good any way you choose.
  4. Only the experts can find the perfect thrift store motorcycle jacket. No one will take a second look at you in a “way to stretched out” jacket. Buy your own & break it in yourself.

Take a look at the various looks for the motorcycle jacket below. We’ll definitely be adding this to our wardrobe.

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