“Not Pretty Enough” An Open Letter to Abercrombie From One Of Your Managers Part 1

I’ve seen this first hand after working for the company & I’ve heard it far too much after I left the company. This should not be tolerated.

– Jaye Bryant, Editor: audioEMIT.com




My name is Nicole and I have worked for your company as an assistant manager at the same store in Tallahassee Governors Square Mall for two years now. You may know me better as one of the “uglies” who help run your stores. Over my two years as a manager, I have been shamed for my weight, hair, my face and punished for my refusal to shame my employees and co-workers for those same reasons. The fact I have recruited and had nine managers hired means nothing to this company. That I was bullied into running my store for three months during the highest grossing time of the year (Black Friday/Christmas) without store manager title or pay is mere hogwash since my look doesn’t fit the narrow ideal that Abercrombie & Fitch covets above all else. My contributions to this company have been large, coming out of pocket to…

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