Brooklyn Is More Than Just a Borough x aBKLYNstory

IMG_20130530_201415Every place in the world has a story.

For New York City, the story usually begins & ends in  our neighboring borough of Manhattan. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Every tourist trap you run into on the streets of Manhattan will take up so much of your time that you won’t have time to venture anywhere else in the city. But for those of you that grow tired of Manhattan and it’s all too familiar sights & sounds, you should really venture out to Brooklyn. The culture doesn’t stop when you leave Manhattan. It’s just beginning.

I decided to start aBKLYNstory to share the culture of Brooklyn & to show that we can compete with Manhattan in so many ways. My thought process began on a grand scale, having my partner in crime, Omari Atiba, co-signing on every idea that bounced in my head. As with any grand scale idea, we had to start small. Our small became the photo journal we’ve started here on aEMNYC.

“aBKLYNstory… to me, is the behind the scenes of the never seen parts of Brooklyn. Some people only base their stories about Brooklyn on main attractions and neighborhoods such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, DUMBO, Park Slope & Williamsburg. They overlook places in the borough like East Flatbush, Bedstuy, Red Hook, and even the areas around their favorite attractions. I think Brooklyn shows nothing but love, culture and hard work ethics. I love my borough. I’m proud to be born and raised in Brooklyn.”

– Omari Atiba

IMG_20130530_215017Through my Instagram (@BklynSOM) & the hashtag #aBKLYNstory. We plan on showing you all that Brooklyn has to offer. We’re more than just a borough. We’re an overflowing cul-de-sac of heritage and history. There are neighborhoods within neighborhoods and when in need, come together, tightly knit like an ugly Christmas sweater. So far, we’ve hit over 15 neighborhoods in the borough, including Bay Ridge, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Cobble Hill & Vinegar Hill. Make sure you check out aBKLYNstory in our aEM Originals section here on aEMNYC.

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