The Unceremonious Demise of 5 Pointz – New York City’s Graffiti Mecca

5POINTZ_HOME_BANNER_5For decades, New York City residents and tourists from all over the world rode the 7 train through Long Island City to Court Sq. When you exit the tunnel coming from Manhattan, you’d watch in awe as the Phun Phactory, better known as 5 Pointz, sped past. Countless artists from every spectrum of the game have come to this site to express themselves, create videos, make music, admire & paint.

Ladies & Gentlemen… 5 Pointz is be no more. The owners of the building have decided to knock the graffiti mecca of the world down to build condos. To add insult to injury, they’ve unceremoniously painted over years of art & culture. 5 Pointz has attracted the likes of Doug E. Fresh, Kurtis Blow, Mobb Deep… graffiti artists from Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Japan & as recently as 2013, hosted the final act of the Four Horseman Magic Show in the movie, Now You See Me.

A very fond memory of mine when it comes to 5 Pointz is the video of former audioEMIT artists REAL Muzic. Myself, Flow (Omari Atiba of AEMNYC) & King shot their video for FLAVA at this site in 2010. We had a great time shooting this and admiring the art & artists present at the time.

It will be a sad day when the Phun Phactory succumbs to demolition. To celebrate 5 Pointz here on AEMNYC, here is REAL Muzic’s video for FLAVA and pictures of the celebrated building… before the white paint.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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