Singer Betty Wright’s Daughter, Patrice “Treecee” Parker Singing Her Way Into Her Own Success

From Bossy Magazine 

by Ms. Truth
Friday, November 8, 2013


Some claim to have music running through their veins but Ms. Patrice Parker definitely does. Daughter of famous singer Betty Wright as well as coming from a musical family, it’s in her DNA to be creative. Known by her childhood nickname, Treecee, she is out to set her own legacy. From Miami, she got her start singing in church choirs to background vocals for Gloria Estefan and the late great Michael Jackson. With a new EP called Me and Uncle Charles on itunes, she ready to make her own mark in the industry. I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Parker and pick her brain just a little music, education and more.

Bossy: Who were your musical influences growing up? 

Treecee: Louis Armstrong, Brandy, Aaliyah, Faith Evans, India Arie, and Anita Baker.

Bossy: What is the statement/goal you want to make with your music?

Treecee: I live with music, I want to be able to give a voice to the people, give them something to live by. I want to be the female Smokey Robinson; he is a singer, songwriter and music lover he wrote hits for everybody and had hits of his own.

Bossy: Most people know you as Betty Wright’s daughter, is that an issue when you are trying to establish your own career?  

Treecee: Major issues… The industry makes it way harder, people may feel you have the upper hand because of your family but you don’t.

Bossy: You come from church singing background, was gospel ever a choice as a main lane for your music? 

Treecee: Not necessarily, I feel gospel is the truth, believing in christ I try to represent him in the best way.

Bossy: What would you choose between being an Indie Artist Vs being signed with a Major Label?

Treecee: With a major label, you’re on your own anyway, so you might as well be an indie artist with major distribution and get the same treatment someone with a major deal but better.

Bossy: You have a new EP out called “Me and Uncle Charles” with your actual Uncle and you were on tour with your mother at one point… do you find it easier or harder to work with family than it is with anybody else? 

Treecee: When it comes to music, I’m surrounded by family, I work with people outside of that but music wise just family.


Bossy: I read you have a B.S. in business administration, how important is education to you? Do you use your degree when it comes to your music? 

Treecee: Education is very important! You can only dream so much. Yes, it’s important to have an education especially since it’s always paperwork with budgets so I use my accounting degree.

Bossy: How hard is it to juggle your career and personal Life?

Treecee: Being Single with two kids, you need to have an income for every child. Never depend on the music industry! 

Bossy: What is the best advice your mother has given you regarding the entertainment business? 

Treecee: Best Advice given was unspoken, Just watching my mom accomplish so much, she also told me “This Business Is Not For Thin Skin”

Bossy: So what’s next for TreeCeeLee?

Treecee: I’m working on my solo project, it’s in baby steps right now so I don’t know the direction I’m going in yet. I’m also working on my Master’s in accounting.

Bossy: What does the word BOSSY Mean to You?

Treecee: Self Sufficient, Not Being a Robot.

Make Sure You Get TreeCeeLee EP Me & Uncle Charles On Itunes

Thanks to TreeCeeLee for this interview, check her out on:

Instagram @TreeCeeLee

Twitter @TreeCeeLee

This post originally appeared on Bossy Magazine. Republished with permission.


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