Ferragamo 1Was BLACK ever NOT sexy?

When you step out, donned in ALL BLACK… whose head doesn’t turn? GQ’s 23rd feature in the What To Wear Now 2013 Edition & our last but favorite on the list, BLACK.

SLEEK – When your ALL BLACK ensemble is worn the right way, it can give you a sleek & smooth look and demeanor.

STAGGERING – Bring on the gorgeous people & the compliments.

“If you haven’t had equally great looking people turn their heads and stagger over to tell you how great you look in ALL BLACK, you aren’t wearing it right.”

– JayeB.

SEXY – When you put your staggeringly sleek ALL BLACK outfit on, it exudes sex appeal, thus making you one of the sexiest people walking the pavement.

Take a look at some of the ALL BLACK looks that hit the runway for Fall/Winter seasons & figure out how you’re going to tweak your budget to include those new black slacks or little black dress you’ve always wanted.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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