AEMNYC’s Top Artists of 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone! We’re coming up on the end of 2013, which was an exciting and eventful one for AEMNYC. We’ve attended a number of events, including the Cyber PR Digital Press Conference, the CMJ Music Marathon & the Bedloo App Release Party. We’ve also featured a number of new artists for AEMNYC’s Original Series’ Tell Your Story & The UUU.

Here’s AEMNYC’s Top Artists of 2013!

Jaclyn Rose came out on top with the most views, followed by BluRum13, newcomer Chuckie Campbell, Ezra Letra (Formerly Al Basics), WordSpit The ILLest & Crystal Waters, respectively.

To further honor our featured guests, we’ve created banners for the Top Artists of 2013 that will run through the beginning of next year. Free exposure is good exposure. So here’s to being exposed.

Here are AEMNYC’s honorary banners!


Ezra Letra & Chuckie Campbell BluRum13 & WordSpit The ILLest Jaclyn Rose & Crystal Waters


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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