1495544_10151938935989926_1220074676_nA reunion long overdue, REAL Muzic makes their return to AEMNYC. Backed by Lyfestyle Music Group, REAL Muzic is making some serious moves. They have 2 songs, Go Down & Reflections ft. Bright Lightz, featured on the groups recent compilation album, JB & King Penn Presents: Lyfestyle Music Group. Released Summer 2013, the album has sold over 2500 copies independently. They’ve been doing interviews & shows all over New York City. They’ve also made appearances at many notable underground events, including the New Years Eve Party held by Fashion Ave News Editor in Chief, Sofia Davis.


A little less traveled is their song, JAM, and we’re here to change that. When the bass kicks, you’ll want to move your shoulders and sing along with the chorus, “This is MY JAM!!!”. Press play and get into it.

“JAM gives off an energetic feel, raw emotion, playful words & a ‘turnt up’ vibe. When people hear music, they often find themselves saying ‘THIS IS MY JAM’, LOL… so we decided to play with that. It’s a fun track.” – REAL Muzic



  1. Follow your Dreams Cuz it is taking you places…I am sooo proud of you…Muzic saves lives…keep doing what you do…I Pray you Great Fortune!


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