Isaac Kirkman – The Martyr From Nowhere [Ezra Letra Films]

AEMNYC is no stranger to telling the stories of our growing underground community. Our community member Ezra Letra has provided another story telling outlet to us and all of you.

Ezra Letra Presents: Nobody Documentary

In this episode, we meet Isaac Kirkman – The Martyr From Nowhere.

isaackirkmanIn the world where the worth of a being is measured by the number of likes and digital followers, the nobodies’ movements are the chemistry of revolution. A nobody is someone freed from all expectations, a body without a soul, a bird without a cage. Going unnoticed they are privy to the secrets of saint and sinner alike, free to color outside the lines with blood or with love. A nobody is an amphibian cast out of the world of fish, the holy graffiti scrawled across the walls of forgotten cities. A nobody is at the end of every line, in the center of every crowd, the nobody is the blank space that ink finds it’s soulmate.

I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too? And a thousand awakening hearts, will answer. Yes.
 – Isaac Kirkman

Music by: Beatsmith Medore and Ezra Letra.

For more on Isaac:
For more on Beatsmith Medore:
For more on Ezra Letra:


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