Breathe In x Jaclyn Rose [WATCH]

We’ve been covering Jaclyn Rose here for a while now. She recently returned from a trip to California, where she performed at The Mint and shot the first video from her album, The Story of The Rose Movement, for the song Breathe In. Her moves don’t stop there, she’s back in NYC and she has a show at Ella Lounge on Jan 30th!

Check out pictures from her California trip, the video for Breathe In & a special message from the director. | Jaclyn Rose Music (Facebook) | Jaclyn Rose Music (Twitter) | Jaclyn Rose Music (Youtube)


When I was first asked to direct a video for Jaclyn Rose’s song “Breathe In” I felt overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the song. However, after discussing “Breathe In” with Jaclyn and listening to her song repeatedly, a vision began to emerge. So I immediately sought out my sketchbook and began writing the treatment. My goal was to utilize my knowledge and skill of visualization to match the powerful lyrics Jaclyn had written. Strangely enough the magnitude of what we agreed to create in this video is still something I am shocked to have written.

We open the scene to see a frustrated Jaclyn in an all black dress sitting in her music room. She is surrounded by crumbled pieces of paper. Those crumbled papers hold the scrapped ideas from the brainstorming of her latest inspiration for a new song. Unable to find a melody, Jaclyn resorts to changing her technique for creative writing. Lighting a match, we see Jaclyn bring a flame of fire to her aid as she lights an incense stick. Her black nail-polished fingers gently push the incense into its holder. Next, we see Jaclyn sitting at a sacred spot in her creative room as she requests inspiration and creativity to come to her.

Sitting at her sacred spot opens her to connect with the beach and ocean. We now see Jaclyn walking out of the ocean and onto the shore as we simultaneously revisit her easing into a meditation. It is here that we see her “Consciously” breathing in and out. Rose Petals are dropped, as the meditation appears to have completely taken over Jaclyn. The visual effect of color opens the audience to the fact that we are now connecting to a higher vibration. We follow the footprints of rose petals that signal Jaclyn has appeared out of the water as a Goddess of the Ocean. Jaclyn, now appearing on a boardwalk, stares back at the ocean whence she came, only to now see herself in her music room connecting with her higher self. (Seen now in meditation with angelic wings on her back).

Interestingly enough, when I spoke with Jaclyn about her musical career, she informed me of her difficult sojourn of living in both NYC and LA, and trying to perform on both coasts as much as possible. It was this idea that led to the shot of her staring at both a NY and LA baseball hat–literally, describing her being “ Caught in between two coasts can’t tell what I love the most, so I just float”.

Next, we see Jaclyn floating along the boardwalk passing people who see her beauty and angelic essence, and are called to it. As Jaclyn continues to glide, she simultaneously catches the attention of multiple people, pulling them to the message of her music and movement. Crowds of people in white clothing walk harmoniously together as one. Next, we again see Jaclyn at the ocean now returning to the sacred waters, which she came from.

We now travel back through the open window to revisit Jaclyn at her sacred spot in her music room. She is still seated in the same position but now she can be seen wearing a black and white dress. The black and white dress symbolizes her union of herself and her higher self. It is now through this union that we can see Jaclyn complete her mediation. Immediately finishing her meditation we can now see she is fully inspired and playing a melody on her piano. She has accomplished her goal of writing her latest song “Breathe In”.

– S.K. , Director
“Breathe In”


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