25 & Can’t Cook? #FINDYOURLIFE

black-man-cooking-husbandSo there’s a saying that came to me last year and I decided to carry this with me as a mindset for life. That saying is Fix It, Find It, Keep It. It’s a represents a no-nonsense way of thinking. Here’s the breakdown in my head…

Fix It: Please fix whatever it is that is hindering your life at the moment. It is unnecessary to drop the weight of your world on everyone else. We all have problems/issues/concerns…

Find It: Find that part of your life that is missing at this time. You may have lost it years ago or you may have lost it 5 minutes ago walking home from work. Retrace those steps and pick it up.

Keep It: Whatever it is, words, physical objects, emotions, bad vibes… that may cause me to “go off” ( – meaning in a rage, sarcastically, etc… pick your vice)… keep it. There is no place in my life for it, there’s probably no place for it in your life & I conveniently don’t have any fucks in my pocket to give.

Today, we’re focusing on part 2, Find It, and my issue is the non cooking young adults (25+).


It is unacceptable to be 25+ years of age and unable to cook a decent meal. This goes for every single person on their own eating takeout and TV dinners. This goes for all the 25+ people still free-loading (and I mean, just sitting around, not paying bills, contributing, or anything of the sort) off of a relative, friend or roommate. And for the relative, friend or roommate allowing this behavior, shame on you. This also goes for those of you who are just too lazy to learn. Anyone who does not have a legitimate reason why they can’t cook or unable to cook is in this category. (This does not include current college students on a budget. I feel your pain.)

There are just too many things you are missing out on. The ability to cook for yourself and/or significant other is a major attribute. Less money spent on outside breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, snack, midday munchies, takeout… (you get the  point) is a beautiful thing. It can help add another level of intimacy & romance to a relationship. I’m pretty sure members of both genders would appreciate the person they’re dating or with a bit more if they can get a decent meal out of them once in a while (at least). There’s no room for you to experiment w/ food in your own home. Food is much more fun when the choice isn’t dictated by every “sit & serve” restaurant in your city (unless you can afford to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a plate that looks amazing, but only enough to feed your 6 year old nephew… at least you’re experimenting in style. *rolls eyes*).

It’s just a damn shame & something everyone included in this category needs to work on. #FINDYOURLIFE! I bet you lost it on your way home from the grocery store. BTW… how ARE those Ramen Noodles working for you? I bet they’d taste better if they were still in its space on the shelf, now occupied by the life you dropped. All you takeout junkies, couch potatoes & freeloaders need to pick up a spatula…

But you probably don’t know what that is…


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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