Wake Me Up x Avicii (Bad Vision Remix) [LISTEN]

bad vision avicii artworkAre you a fan of EDM… House, Dubstep, Electro…? Do you go “THE F**K” off when you go to the club or have your headphones on and the beat drops?

Then you need to listen to this awesome new Wake Me Up remix. It’s done by Bad Vision and after a month of riding the Soundcloud waves has gotten over 25,000 plays. Scroll down, PRESS PLAY & read their take on this Avicii spin.

“We all exist within our own versions of the truth, spiraling through realities pieced together by each thought. Those who are asleep will remain a victim to a reflection of a fearful world. While, the awoken will see every moment as an endless opportunity to manifest. A revolution of the mind is unfolding now between the infinitely small space where the shadow ends and light begins. Embrace the destination of both and you will find the potential you desire within yourself.

Trust us blindly.”

– Bad Vision


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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