No Pain x Bad Vision [LISTEN]

artworks-000068796916-jnytwy-t500x500Our EDM nerves have been kicked into high gear this week. If yesterday’s submission from Bad Vision wasn’t enough, today they’re back with their own song, No Pain. These guys are getting it right with the solid mix downs, kick-ass bass and awesome drops. It’s only been up for 24 hrs and it’s gotten over 2700 plays on Soundcloud.

Please listen to this in your BEATS headphones or on high volume (sub woofer turned up). If you don’t, you’ll miss the point. Click PLAY.

Pain is a signal that borders the path, a guide and protector of your own mortality. Sometimes you won’t feel it until you notice the blood. When you make it real, you grant it power, and you think you need it. Give it too much and it will drag you down. Everything is temporary once you open your eyes and see it. What do you believe in? No pain, no gain? No pain, no limit? Either way, it’s all an illusion and we choose to exist in this beautiful experience. Where we are going we don’t have time for pain!

Trust us blindly.

– Bad Vision


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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