Throwback Lounge: When Doves Cry x Prince

princeIt really takes a great deal of hit songs, sold out shows and breath-taking performances to be called iconic. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince is an icon to the music world. The style he possesses can only be called his own & the music he produces with ingenious song writing techniques are heart-felt.

The song When Doves Cry, which was the theme song for his movie, Purple Rain, was one of Prince’s #1 hits in the US, as well as it being Single of the Year in 1984. It is also one of my dad’s favorite. I’d hear this song almost every morning while my dad gets my brother and I ready for elementary school. The last thought on my mind while on my way to class was the catchy melody of When Doves Cry.

His latest accomplishment was the release of his new song Screwdriver, in 2013. He also completed a short tour on the West Coast in April 2013 with his girl band, 3rdeyegal. Even though his early years were plagued with legal issues about his name and brand, fans, supporters and cougars alike still know the melodic and brilliant songwriter as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

Here’s The Artist Formerly Known As Prince with When Dove’s Cry.



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