Throwback Lounge: A Girl Like You – Naughty By Nature feat. Aaliyah

naughty-by-nature-juan-epstein-interview-leadShout out to my brother K.O for refreshing my membrane with this throwback joint. AEMNYC had the pleasure of writing about these awesome artists individually. Naughty by Nature & the late Aaliyah are back, this time, they’ve collaborated on a song most people aren’t really familiar with.

One of K.O’s favorite songs, Naughty By Nature’s A Girl Like You, featuring Aaliyah, is one of the illest singles of the 90s. Fellas, if you couldn’t say how you felt to your woman, this song says that and then some. Ladies, if your man dedicates a song to you, it’s because he wants you in his life.

Music speaks louder than words. So without further ado, here it is, A Girl Like You. This is for you, bro.

RIP Baby Girl.



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