Eleutherophobia x Ready Never [STREAM/WATCH]

CD coverWhat does it take to combine the elements of fist pumping EDM & catchy pop rock? The band Ready Never, that’s what!!!

The Los Angeles based band released their first album, Eleutherophobia, earlier this year. With the release came catchy Electro Pop Songs with house and dub-step interludes and the band’s live show, combining Rock n’ Roll with EDM sounds by utilizing live drums and bass guitar with DJ equipment to trigger sequences along the way. It has developed into what the band calls EDM Rock.

We wanted to write songs and make electronic dance music. But we wanted to be able to perform the music, not just play it back; which is what makes our live sound quite different from our studio sound. – Ready Never

Headed by songwriters Rudi Meibergan and Benny Ed, with Benny on bass, vocals, foot synth, keyboards, and DJ gear & Clinton Karcher on live drums, they’ve already amassed a huge following around the world. Opening up for Lenny Kravitz at the Pepsi Rock Festival Argentina & for Sting in Bogota, Chile will do that for your career.

They bear comparisons to Daft Punk, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Swedish House Mafia and many others while keeping their own identity in a rapidly expanding genre. Stream their album, Eleutherophobia, via Soundcloud below & check out their video for the single, Take That Pill, a satirical take on modern pill popping society; an anthem, sarcastically celebrating our culture’s love for pharmaceuticals.

Official | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Bandcamp


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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