No God Flow x Julian Rhine feat. Jae-Mi [LISTEN/WATCH]

“We are taking such great strides to finally exist in a United States that practices what it preaches: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Still, persecution for “alternative” religious beliefs – including atheism, secularism and all forms of spirituality – is rampant and we cannot allow this. We need this freedom. We will take this freedom.”

– Julian Rhine

Julian Rhine arguably has the most interesting biography I have come across and one of the best early 90s flows I’ve heard since well… the 90s. He’s opened up for Macklemore, Diddy, Mobb Deep and played at both the CMJ Music Marathon & SXSW. With a unique sound, a great sense of being and ironclad mindset, the Brooklyn, NY native has produced a lyrical feast and tirade of imagery for your viewing & listening pleasure. These include his video for Stunning, which has over 100k views on Youtube & his newest single, No God Flow, which I’ll let speak for itself. You can find his bio & media links under his music, which you should listen to first.

Press Play.

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Julian Rhine was born in The United States of America, a country known for its overzealous Christian, a homophobic fried chicken chain, and lax gun laws. He’s lucky he didn’t grow up in a cult or with his face blown off from one of the many unattended guns in the US. Thankfully, he was raised in Brooklyn, NY and managed to survive just fine off of Difara’s pizza and the words of another holy trinity: Biggie Smalls, the Beastie Boys, and the Beatles.

After graduating college in Nashville and moving to the East Village, NYC (right at the cross streets of junkie hell and a new brunch spot) he began his rap career as The White Rhino. Under that name, he recorded two albums and performed at successful venues in NYC, Vegas, and everywhere in between. His music video Stunning received over 100k hits on Youtube.

Julian eventually took off the mask of Rhino to rap as himself because he had an agenda: to use hip-hop to take off the mask of religion in the United States. Let me give it to you straight. Julian doesn’t care about your God. The Big Man in the sky is nothing more than clouds, accumulation, lighting, and science. Life is unfair and amazing and completely random. Cry about it if you need to, and then live a moral life because you’re a good person, not because you want a one-way ticket into the all-you-can eat Virgin Superbowl Nirvana Fest that is heaven. To Julian, your God doesn’t exist, and he’s had enough of a righteous smoke monster and his disciples inserting themselves into the government of the United States. So he’s here to pull “Him” out of the good ole USA’s hands. He’s here to take God straight out of the dollar bill, the government, and your mother’s mouth: In God, We Trust Nothing. In America we trust. In Religion, we protest. In Julian, we listen.

Rhine has appreciated and admired the trailblazers before him that made civil rights the front and center of their music– Nas, Macklemore, and Lady Gaga – and is using their influence to fight for his own brand of social justice. The idea of “liberty and justice for all” will mean nothing until a separation of Church & State becomes mandate. And that’s what he’s here for. To make righteous, original beats in the name of this mission.

In Bible-speak: Think of Julian as your David, and God as your Goliath. He’s here to shoot the mofo down, in honor of all the atheists who have to watch the government get blood on their hands in the name of Christianity, who have to watch civil rights get questioned because of an old book, who have to watch people spit hate in the belief of an all-knowing cloud that cares about who you’re fucking. Well, spit away. Julian spits harder. And he’s got big enough stones to shoot Goliath down.

To sum it up: Julian Rhine is an Atheist-Raised-Jewish-Rapper-From-Brooklyn-Who-Believes-In-Gun Control. If that doesn’t send hip-hop spinning, what else would?

His new single, No God Flow, is a reflection of his east coast musical roots with his quest for social justice. The song, like Julian, is bizarre, energetic, full of life and sound and passion.

Julian’s resume is already impressive: performing at SXSW, opening for Mobb Deep and R.A. The Rugged Man, creating music videos and selling out venues. But it’s 2014 we really have to look forward to. What’s next? Julian will be hanging out with his cats in Brooklyn. He’ll be creating beats. Working out. Eatin’ meat. Smoking on the couch watching The Simpsons. Meeting little bitties at the club. And of course, taking the world by storm with new music and new singles, and a song coming out about his journey to atheism that will make Joel Osteen want to exorcise him. It’s how Julian do. If you’re against his message, he doesn’t care: he won’t be seeing you in hell, after all.

So take a listen and join the journey…as long as the Lord doesn’t compel you to.


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