Lesson x Dude With No Name [WATCH]

dd8831faf1bb19c0f8ad0213d67d8cffBaton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Dude With No Name (Tajh Spikes) presents the Rich Thomas-directed music video for “Lesson”, the A.D.D. Beats-produced single from his forthcoming album Other., set to feature guest appearances from E.R. and TaylorJay Tha Rap Goddess. “The inspiration behind the song was my thoughts on my current level of success and why I haven’t been succeeding in my endeavors,” says Tajh, “and with that realization I noticed that the way I want to go about doing things would only continue to make my path to success more difficult. Most people in this business are trying to get something for free, trying to come up. That makes my path more difficult because I’m a honest dude who wants to just make music and see something come from it. If you need help and I can provide that in some type of way I’ll do what I can without a huge ‘I owe you’ floating your head.” Talking about his hometown he says “In Baton Rouge, the dominant sound is ‘Jigga music’ and my sound is far from that so I’m not even on the radar in that form. And with the little underground hip hop scene, I feel blacklisted because everything I do isn’t 90s and I don’t want it to be. In that regard, I really am a ‘dude with no name’.”

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