Open Letter To The Creators (& My 2014 Favorites Thus Far)

wpid-img_20140501_021234.jpgI always listen to my music on shuffle. The constant battle of countless beats, tempos & voices in my ears gives me a high all its own. The other day, I noticed something about the voices in my library. They’ve always been diverse, but over the past 5 or so years, that diversity has changed. Being at the helm of AEMNYC has introduced me to so many talented new voices. The battle to be heard has shifted.

As I write this, my music playlist (on shuffle) has played a solid hour of unsigned artists featured on AEMNYC, including Jensen Reed, Chuckie Campbell, WordSpit, Wordsmiff, Never Ready, Jaclyn Rose & Bad Vision. The war of words & battle to be heard is resonant. As I write this, I am thinking about all the submissions that I’ve gotten over the past few months, which have doubled compared to the previous year already. The number of creators flooding the underground steadily grows with inspiration, patience & valor. The numbers grow with every creator that believes their voice should be heard. The numbers grow as you watch the latest TMZ & Wendy Williams report. You won’t find these creators on those shows. You seldom experience these creators because you aren’t LISTENING.

AEMNYC has opened up my already eclectic ears more than I could’ve imagined & I thank every single one of the creators who’ve given me something to blog about; for giving my readers the opportunity to experience your work; for allowing me to pass your work to others in my circle and around the world.

What these creators have given me continues to be invaluable. This is my open letter to you. THANK YOU for joining our growing community. THANK YOU for sharing your crafts. THANK YOU for allowing us to Respect Your Craft.

Jaye B.

Here are some of my favorites from the year already…

Soul Projects x Stevie Bucks

The Art of U.Kay Hip

Powerhouse. Young Womanhood. Ashley Freeze.

Bars Over Everything II: The Savior x Wordsmiff

Eleutherophobia x Ready Never

No Pain x Bad Vision


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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