Soul Projects x Stevie Bucks [WATCH/STREAM]

00 - Stevie_Bucks_Soul_Projects-front-largeToronto based artist Stevie Bucks brings his lyricism & conscious hip hop to AEMNYC with his new mixtape, Soul Projects. The 21-year-old is far from the typical club-focused rapper with tracks like “A Little Bit Of Peace” and “Cancer” making this abundantly clear. He grew up facing many challenges which he describes in his music frankly and honestly, and his lyrics are characterized by a conscious, tell-all approach. Stevie’s vocal style brings to the table an old school flavor while still maintaining the presence of today’s youth and culture vividly in his music content.

Stevie started out acting, where he developed a lot of his MC skills. His first ever acting gig was a small role in the big blockbuster film “Get Rich or Die Trying”. Stevie is still into small acting roles. His last actor placement was in the short Film “Trespassing”. He’s had many successful production collaborations with Rich Kidd and was featured on “We On Some RICH KIDD SHIIIIIIIT Volume 7”. Stevie Bucks previous mixtape, “Heaven Through Hell”, was released July of 2012. He’s currently working on his new solo album entitled “ALL Prophet” and an album with his group, Blanoire.

Be on the lookout for more from Stevie Bucks, but in the meantime…




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