Call It Karma, Call It Fate (The Strokes Cover) x Aubergine MACHINE [LISTEN]

MTV Music Video Award winner Ian Carey & Shanti Ellis are Aubergine MACHINE & they drop another release this year with a rework of The Strokes’ “Call it Fate, Call it Karma”. This time around they transform CIFCIK from lo-fi, black and white romanticism into mod meets revolutionary nostalgia.

Ian who is very established in the international House Music scene and has visited more than 60 countries on tour sites influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac, Black Flag and DJ Premier, while Shanti sites influences such as Santigold, Vampire Weekend, and No Doubt. Ian’s production, while cutting edge but not alienating to new listeners, combines with Shanti’s brand of indie-pop laced vocals to build a foundation of melodies that range from youthful to emotive and haunting. Shanti and Ian like to sum up what they do in their mantra: “we make music, love life and laugh sometimes”.



#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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