FREE SOUND Artist: Wordsmiff

As the site has evolved, I talk a lot about having a voice and being able to showcase it here on AEMNYC. The creators featured here have done just that & because they have at such an alarming rate, I want to give special recognition to those who have a voice worth listening to. Someone who takes full advantage of the status quo and uses their craft to voice their opinions and share values. Someone who is outspoken and has a positive message. Someone who practices FREE SOUND.

photo-6Our first FREE SOUND artist made our featured list with his first submission less than 2 months ago. Kill Them Before They Grow, off the mixtape Bars Over Everything II: The Savior (CLICK HERE FOR THE MIXTAPE), has top privilege on my playlist and after listening, it will be on yours too. Wordsmiff cleverly uses the issues that have been in our status quo & evolved over the years to convey a message heard during the Civil Rights Movement, clear with the use of an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the end. This message is still relevant and alive. Have you been listening?

I can’t give away too much. The song will speak for itself. Listen to it and you’ll see why he was chosen as our introductory FREE SOUND artist. At the rate we’re going, there will be plenty more to come. Check out the mixtape if you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth the listen. If you’re feeling that, you have the chance to see him live at DROM on June 18th – CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS




#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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