Monologue x J. ManifestO [WATCH]

jmanifesto monologueBlack & White. 90s inspired. Entourage included. Queens, NY emcee J. ManifestO presents the Live Loud-directed music video for “Monologue”, a single from his mixtape J. Manifesto, featuring MC Elijah Black, JohnNY U., Khid 2che, A. Will, Dom O Briggs and Top $ Raz. “‘Monologue’ was inspired by me wanted to leave an imprint,” says J. “I wanted to send a message, to showcase my straight up rapping ability. I know how ‘formatted’ this industry has became where everyone follows the same blueprint as far as structuring songs and reaching specific demographics. So, I wanted to step away from that, at least for a song.” J.’s last album was Vicariously Through Memories (click here to watch the video for “Live, Life & Love It”) He’s currently working on an EP with Laffayette Stokely and JohnNY U. called New Kingdom.

Make sure you check out his Soundcloud. His flow and music is just dope.

CLICK PLAY. | Twitter [@jdotodot] | Facebook | Soundcloud


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