The LOAF MUZiK Takeover

The first song on their Soundcloud right now is Who’s Next and it’s clear they want us to know it’s them. They’ve been blazing a trail and don’t look like they’re slowing down. The NYC born collective has hit the SXSW Music Festival, the NXNE Music Festival and is currently hosting AfroPunk Battle of the Bands 2014 where AEMNYC friend WordSpit the ILLest is a finalist.


Why weren’t we put on to this group before!? They have produced the perfect mixture of golden era hip hop flows & beats with current hip hop culture I’ve heard thus far. The underground is buzzing with the skilled lyricism of Loaf Muzik. Members Oso Dope, Shadow The Great, Kidaf & Shine Sinatra spare no expense in their lyrics and give a tremendous amount of love to the place that raised them, New York City, which is always a plus here. ALL FANS of underground hip hop should be listening to these guys. I’m slightly upset I’m just finding them myself. Loaf Muzik epitomizes what it is to create quality hip hop in a less than genuine era on the genre.

CLICK PLAY. | Facebook | Twitter | TumblrYouTube | Soundcloud


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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