Donkey Kong x Dude With No Name [LISTEN]

Dude with No Name holdThe lead single from Dude with No Name’s upcoming album Other which is due to release 7/25/14,  “Donkey Kong” bears his misfortune about the game of relationships and the loose grip it presents. This is obviously a track everyone can identify with as Dude tells his tale of the motions we all go through, the heartache and the denial. The infallible thing about this record is the resilience and symmetry between down and out to confidence only measured by boulders and mountains. Lines like “forget a hoe/ima hit the club up and I’m takin 4/head back to the crib tryna get me some/once they open up their legs they can hit the door” make it evident. This is the anthem for the album and rightfully so, due to the hard-hitting lyrics and mind-blowing production. | Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Soundcloud



#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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