Rest Room x Luke Bonds feat MF SKUM & Hirii The Human [LISTEN]

17 year old emcee MF SKUM (@MFSKUM) along side with Luke Bonds (@ANTILUKEBONDS) & Hirii The Human (@HIRIITHEHUMAN) releases “Rest Room” which is a single both featured on Luke Bonds most recent EP “LUNGOST” and MF SKUM’s upcoming EP “Civilized Genocide”. The song showcases bar raising lyricism, spacey flows, punk vocals demonstrated by Hirii The Human & most importantly, a beat that forces you to embrace all that’s happening on the track.

@CHEMICALAPE is a Rochester, NY Hip Hop collective with the energy of a Punk Band. The group consists of @HiriiTheHuman (Featured on Vice, The Examiner, BBC Radio 1, Amazing Radio (UK), AfroPunk, French Blogs, has production on XXL with Angel Haze, Ryshon Jones, ABGOHARD, Nia Keturah, 275 Black Raider Klan/Sesh, The Source, Pitch Fork, Noisey and ETC before even releasing his début tape 808sAndAstralTapes), @Lord_Cream, who has gained huge momentum over Soundcloud before & after releasing his début tape “Enlightened Minds Only” and has received recognition on popular music blogs for doing so. @MFSKUM is the go to lyricist in the group, a 17 year old natural who can outrap guys twice his age and was recently cosigned by @AFROPUNK and many more popular music blogs. The go to producer, Metaphysics, has production credits with Rochester artists such as Ishmeal Raps (NFO), Sachee Sb, Donny Murakami and a beat tape of his own, “MPC Of Time”. The last member of the group, @YeshuaGold, is affiliated with NBB & Sachee Sb who is a member of Black Dave’s “SRSG”.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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