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***Matty Ride’s video for “First Day of Summer” is out now from his forthcoming self-titled EP***

Imprinted in Southern California, raised in Idaho, and honed by the craft and creativity of Nashville, Matty Ride has developed into an artist that Grammy award-winning producer/songwriter Tommy Sims calls “Bad to the bone”.

As one of the modern patriarchs of soul/pop/r&b music in Nashville, Tommy Sims is always on the lookout for new talent. During one of his searches for new artists, he stumbled across Matty Ride. He was instantly drawn to his songs and instrumentalist-level playing. Soon thereafter Matty received a phone call from Sims with a personal invitation to come to Nashville to write and record. Tommy Sims (Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Rait, Jonny Lang, Blackstreet, Kenny Loggins, Tony Braxton, Garth Brooks) took Matty under his wing and began to introduce him to the more soulful side of Music City, where he quickly learned there was a lot more afoot in Nashville than country music.

MR2“I was blown away by the level of musicianship I was exposed to. I was all at once inspired, humbled, and motivated. But I knew that if this was the type of music being created in Nashville, this was where I was meant to be.”

Matty not only earned the respect of his Nashville peers, but also quickly caught the attention of Grammy award-winning artist Jonny Lang. Lang recognized Matty’s musicianship and knack for songwriting. The two would go on to write the song “Breakin’ In” with Sims for Lang’s newest record.

When it came time for Matty to focus on recording his EP he knew exactly how he would approach it. “I’ve always loved the music that I had a hard time sitting still listening to. And that’s the music I wanted to make.”

Sonic moves and syncopated rhythms permeate Matty Ride’s record from top to bottom, balanced momentarily by the reflection and counterpoint of the EP’s one ballad. Matty Ride explores new musical opportunities through classic structure. Its uniqueness lies in Matt’s unpredictability, and his knack for melodies. He channels the analog synth pop and r&b sounds of late 70’s and early 80’s through a modern filter (artists such as Stevie Wonder, Hall and Oates, Shalamar, and Prince come to mind). The common musical denominator is the infectious rhythms that move the record along. Matt has fused all of his experiences into music and lyrical expressions that are fully intended to move the soul and even the feet.

“Matty Ride is bad to the bone” – Grammy award-winning writer/producer Tommy Sims

“Something new, refreshing, slightly retro, but yet highly addictive for our ears. Man, this sh#t is too dope.” – Jesse James,

“I love me some Matty Ride. He is one of my favorite writers and favorite singers” – Melinda Doolittle


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