Have Discipline x Rahim Samad [WATCH]

Rahim SamadBronx-bred, Tampa-based emcee Rahim Samad presents the self-directed music video for “Have Discipline”, his new Keyboy-produced single. Raised down the block from Sedgwick Avenue, where Kool Herc started hip-hop years ago, Rahim’s new album Travel Properly (which “Have Discipline” appears on) is the soundtrack for the eponymous film set for a December release (click here to watch the trailer). Music videos for Travel Properly singles “Alkahest” (Youtube) and “Do Your Thing” (Youtube) have already been released. “In order to be great at what one does, they have to have discipline when approaching that which they do,” says Rahim about the track. “They have to be dedicated to their craft and be willing to put in the work necessary for them to excel at it. They have to have discipline in order to excel. Discipline produces greatness.”

Travel Properly on Bandcamp | on iTunes | on Amazon
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#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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