Wormholes and Big Screens Mean Nothing To Mega Trife & Nonsense [LISTEN]

AEMNYC 2nd reigning FREESound Artist Mega Trife & his producer cohort Nonsense have given us more wonderfully mastered and skillfully “spit” works of art. True voices of the underground music community know how to draw folks in with their talents. Trife and Non make it look easy. The Feature Presentation, released this past Sept., is a collection of unreleased songs with features including Justus League MC’s Chaundon, Edgar Allen Floe, Notoriety, Bullet Brak & Timothy Rhyme. It comes on the heels of the successful July release of their EP, 2095.

The Wormhole Trilogy has songs, lyrics and rhythms that speak for themselves. my favorite still being the reason Mega Trife is an AEMNYC FREESound Artist, World Traveler. All three songs, though, are a representation of Trife’s mindset and speak to the motives of his music. The first song, Slaves, which is produced by Soulscientist & features vocals from multiple artist to build on its concept is another great example of his willingness to speak his mind and his knowledge of history & the status quo.

Both projects are nothing short of Hip Hop.

Press Play.

The Feature Presentation

This full length mixtape comes on the heels of Mega Trife & Nonsense’s very successful EP release, 2095, in July. Guest appearances include Justus League MC’s Chaundon and Edgar Allen Floe and production from Scotland producer Scifi Stu and K-Murdock from DC based progressive hip-hop duo, Panacea.

Renowned producer K-Murdock personally took the liberty of remixing the song ‘Whatever’ which was a popular song and video of my 2012 release ‘Full Circle’ which you can watch here.

The Wormhole Trilogy

This project is a musical journey through different events and/or places in time giving a first person view of slavery (Slaves), the Roman Empire (Gladiator), and various places and historical events throughout the world as a whole (World Traveler).
By the conclusion of the trilogy, the songs prove to be interconnected by bars on ‘World Traveler’ such as “…picking cotton is what’s happening now, but you seen that through my eyes already, heard the story out of my mouth…” and “…I fought lions in Rome, they made a movie, Russell Crowe played me…” alluding to ‘Slaves’ and ‘Gladiator’ respectively.



Both the mixtape & the 3-song project are out now and available for download or streaming via the Mega Trife & Nonsense Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages as well as Spotify and iTunes.

Twitter [m_trife] | Instagram | Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud


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