Sacramento-based rapper and Johnny23 artist 2UGLi presents the Charles “Chips Clips” Sandoval-directed music video for “YUK!”, the DJ-Reef produced new single from Poor Quality 2, his new album featuring Raekwon, Pacewon, LoDeck, C Rayz Walz, Boxguts, Josh The Janitor, Nation, Charlie Schits, Chief Kamachi, ANU322, Danegerous, Sinalokos Tropa, Diabolic, Davon, Mike2twenty, Jak Tripper, Indrid Cold, C-Plexx, Labal-S, Savkillz, Lex Starwind and Don Pelon.

PQ2 is the followup to the first volume released in 2010 (link) which featured Solomon Childs, Jise of The Arsonists and 2MEX. “The best expression to explain my life, style & how people see me as is “YUK!” says 2UGLi. “This track is expressing how I feel about the culture, my friends, my family & my life from young to recent. The same people who said I wouldn’t amount to s–t, hoped the worst for me and did everything in their power to ruin me are now the ones saying, ‘I knew you would do it!’From being disgusted by my own reflection to staring death in his face multiple times… Here’s what I got to say.”

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Twitter [@reef_law27] | johnny23.com | Johnny23 Films on Youtube


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