No Risk No Rewards x Cardell Flare + MORE! [LISTEN]

Cardell Flare releases his highly anticipated EP, No Risk No Rewards entirely produced by A.D.D. Beats with a key feature from Dude with No Name. No Risk No Rewards puts you directly in the driver seat of a narrative of the ultimate ambition of giving up everything to achieve fame or being left in the dust with nothing to show. With singles like Aspirations, Hop Up In & Self Made, No Risk No Rewards opens you up to who the artist Cardell Flare is.

Believing that music can be  used as more than a medium to entertain people, Cardell Flare views his music as realism that can be easily related to, by way of his experiences in life. Giving a refreshing outlook with everyday world themes, he sees his music as alternative compared to the common contemporary rap.


Aspirations Cardell FlareLaying all his dreams and goals on the line, artist Cardell Flare intends to blaze a trail of success or failure, leaving doubt far behind. Aspirations is a tale of one’s strive for a galore of wealth and fame which can easily be met with defeat. Feature artist Dude with No Name assist in the vivid hustlers narrative.
Production from A.D.D. Beats.









#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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