Equality x Dotzilla [STREAM/LISTEN]

Emcee Dev3n and producer Arkutec are Kansas City, Missouri duo Dotzilla, presenting their début album Equality, featuring The Abnorm, Micah Flowers, Keeno, Annie D, Darius and Slayd. Arkutec has produced for French Montana, Fabolous and Chris Webby, and his most recent solo release is The LPF Experiment (listen on Soundcloud). Arkutec met Dev3n on social media in 2010.

“I was definitely listening to a lot of older progressive rock when I was making the beats for Equality,” says Arkutec. “Stuff my dad used to play, like Pink Floyd and Yes – also a lot of ELO and Genesis. I was also bumping a lot of Jake One, Dilla, and Madlib beats around the time – so I had to get some heavy drums and live percussions.” Also speaking on the album, Dev3n says “Going in to the project I had nothing. No ideas, no direction and no artists I was listening to that I could reference from. All I had was Arkutec presenting me with a partnership and the opportunity to make something great, which was what I’ve needed since I’ve started this. That alone guided me into my mind to tell my story.”

buy Equality | stream on Soundcloud | Audiomack
well-cultured.com | Twitter [@arkutec] | Twitter [@dev3n]
Soundcloud | Instagram [@dev3n] | Instagram [@teczilla]


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