The Slums x F. Stokes [WATCH]

Chicago-bred, Oakland-based rapper F.Stokes presents the music video for “The Slums”, his new single featuring and produced by Man Mantis. “The Slums” appears on Stokes’ new ’80s-themed EP A Princess Named Leroy which features Jeff Kite of Julian Casablancas and The Voidz, Dobie, actress Phyllis Cicero, and Paris-based funk band Super Social Jeez. Stokes slips into the character of his alter-ego Leroy for the EP, which follows Leroy’s dream of becoming a star in Paris as he navigates the south side of Chicago. The “Slums” video was directed by Joshua Scott and shot on VHS. The EP was conceptualized during a series of writing sessions with English rock band Bastille, who he recorded a previous EP with.

A Red Bull Sound Select artist (learn more), his previous releases include Death Of A Handsome Bride, ked Goods, Love Always, Fearless Beauty (listen) and the Liquor Sto Diaries produced by Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger of Doomtree (listen). He has music videos for the singles “Shaka Zulu” (watch), “Let’s Build” (watch), “Diggin In The Crates” (watch) and “Blessings” (watch). F.Stokes has performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, The Essence Festival, the Metropolis Festival in Holland, Voodoo Fest, Be Street Weekend in Paris, the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Vegas. and has toured with Ryan Leslie, Chali Tuna, Doomtree, Hawthorne Headhunters, Arrested Development and Nas.

A Princess Named Leroy was completely inspired by the south side of Chicago during the ’80s, which to me represented the most evolutionary decade of Black America,” says Stokes. “The 17-year-old millionaires who still lived in the projects, the crack babies, House music, the fashion sense of legendary Chicago street figures – which is now prevalent in Don C’s new Air Jordan design – the death of Benji Wilson, the introduction of the Mac 10 machine gun, N.W.A., the love, the unity… Within all of this amplified chaos lies A Princess Named Leroy, the glowy-eyed artist who is dedicated to sharing these stories with the world.”

A Princess Named Leroy EP on Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter [@fdotstokes] | Instagram


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