On The Mic (#OTM): April 2015, Exclusive Content, Mobile App + MORE! (UPDATED)

Hey Everyone!
So if you haven’t noticed already, there has been a bunch of updates to the site. Just about everything was updated, from the front page to the search engine on The Alumni page (It’s SOOOO Much Easier To Use!). Here is a full list of updates and upcoming things to look out for!

On The Mic (#OTM) Series

As with all good things, they must evolve! AEMNYC’s On The Mic has become a monthly playlist that features more artists & more music. We had a very successful March and we’re looking to be even better for April (PLAYING NOW) and the coming months. If you haven’t joined our community yet, here’s one of the many opportunities to do so. Visit our SUBMISSIONS page for details. Here are some of the new AEMNYC Alumni from March – April… & if you’ve missed any of our OTM Playlists, you can view them on our new OTM Archives page.

March Artists: ReQ Cartier, Nodis, Klassik, Que QNA, David May, Jonathan Emile, Dotzilla, Jonezen, D. Green, D.O., Pure Etc, Kydd Jones, House of Whales, Dynamics Plus, G-B.A.L.L., F. Stokes, JP One, Live Hart, Wordsmiff, Ohini Jonez, KNife, Rootwords, King Reign
April Artists SO FAR: Klassik, MC Elijah Black, Nick Jame$, Godz Chyld, MJT, JP, Ahmen, Jensen Reed…


The UNDR.GRND: This Month…” on AEMNYC.com

Our UNDR.GRND page has undergone several changes as well. Same idea, different formatting. Now “The UNDR.GRND: This Month…” will be the primary page for submissions. If you’ve submitted music/videos to AEMNYC, you may find your work on The UNDR.GRND: This Month… page. This submissions page will be updated weekly and on a month to month basis. Artists featured during previous month will be on the corresponding page (I.E. Artists featured in March will be on “The UNDR.GRND: March 2015” page). Previous months will have a preview page, “The UNDR.GRND: Last Month…” up for the first week of the following month. After the first week, you will need to sign up for our newsletter to view the content (I.E. March content currently has a preview page. After the first week in April, you will need the passcode from our newsletter – SEE BELOW.)


The UNDR.GRND Newsletter & New, Exclusive Content

I know, I know… we’ve talked about a newsletter before, but this time we don’t just have a plan, we have the formula. The UNDR.GRND Newsletter will be the gateway to everything AEMNYC. Inside, you’ll get a preview of what’s in store for the month as well as the code to all the exclusive content on AEMNYC. Wait… hold on, let us explain. Starting this month & with content from March 2015, we will feature exclusive content for everyone who signs up for our newsletter. Once you sign up, you’ll be given the code for March 2015. Every month, a new code will come with the newsletter for the previous month’s content.

All we need is an email address and your first name! CLICK HERE to Subscribe now!

If you’ve been featured and can no longer view your content on our site, please sign up for the newsletter to receive the code. You will be able to view your content after you’ve entered the code.


The UNDR.GRND Online Magazine

AEMNYC has an online magazine, courtesy of Flipboard. com! See all of our featured stories right on your phone, tablet or on the web! Flipboard is available for Android, iOS, Windows & Windows 8!

The UNDR.GRND by AEMNYC.com on Flipboard
Flipboard for Android | iOS | Windows | Windows 8


Other Updates

The Alumni – All new search engine. No more outdated pictures and links to old articles. Searching the artist will search the entire site.

Submissions – There were minor changes made to Submissions. Please visit SUBMISSIONS to make sure none of the changes affect you.

About – All new. Discover who we are…




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