The Dynamic Rhapsodist is the driving force behind quality music in the Underground Music Community. Dynamic is defined as the force that causes a system to change, with synonyms like INFLUENTIAL, COMPELLING, PROGRESSIVE & POWERFUL. A Rhapsodist is an artist, lyricist, rhymer, writer, poet… a person who writes expressive, rhythmic verse.

Their music stands out because they aren’t afraid to talk about issues that plague their communities & everyday lives. For these reasons our FREESound Artists (Wordsmiff, Mega Trife & Hasan Salaam) are now DYNAMIC.RHAPSODISTS. For these reasons we’ll also add a fourth person to this list. He’ll be getting his own post though. We just wanted to inform you of the new update.Dynamic Rhapsodist AEMNYC




#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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