When the diverse layers of electronic music are fused together with the raw energy of hip-hop music, the end result is a certified club-banger with mass appeal. The latest released from F3tto “The Rebels” ft. Charlotte Alia is the quintessential trap mix delivering gritty lyrics and infectious melodies. Taking electronic music to another realm, F3tto introduces a dreamy ode to the fast life with the Official Music Video release for “The Rebels”, now casting a long shadow across the digital music sphere.

In terms of a fun party track, “The Rebels” delivers several hard blows. It is a fun listen with catchy vocals, and a highly intoxicating beat. Giving music lovers a diverse assortment of music elements, the track offers wide appeal for the most modern music consumer. The distinct hip-hop edge fused with the soft dance vocals of Charlotte Alia creates an enticing experience while the production itself encompasses numerous electronic elements. F3tto has created an unparalleled work of art with a realistic concept that is satisfying to digest. “The Rebels” is a novel mix with defining elements, setting itself apart as a cutting-edge production.

Behind the lights and action, F3tto inspires listeners to be individuals and live on their own terms. There is a very personal story being told within the lyrics of this narrative and that is perhaps the most fascinating experience woven between the music, songwriting, and imagery. | FacebookTwitter | Soundcloud | Youtube

 “The Rebels” functions not only as hype mix but words of wisdom delivered in the most uncut form in perhaps, the most unapologetic manner. F3tto has graced fans with a respectable track that is certain to fill the dance floor while opening minds.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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