You Remind Me x Kloak ‘N’ Marshall [WATCH]

UK duo Kloak ‘N’ Marshall present the HekCentrik-directed music video for “You Remind Me”, episode 2 of a 4-video series based on songs from volume 1 of Gathering P.A.C.E., a three-volume series of albums masterminded and produced by Lawds and released under his Lawds House imprint. “The 47 songs that constitutes Gathering P.A.C.E. are meant to reach specific people/artists as a sign of gratitude for what they have contributed to music over the years,” says Lawds of the series, which will feature Betty Steeles, Salsa Embarek, Sara Eliot, Sunshine Negyesi, Katie White and Sana Inez. “The 47 people/artists will then add to the movement in their own way, inspired by the song that reaches them.” Lawds describes the new single as “a freestyle. We followed the essence of the beats and on this one, we felt some playfully rapped bars were needed. We went into the booth and went in on the track.”

“You Remind Me” on iTunes | |
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