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Hello World! Ezra here. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around the wonderful world of AEMNYC and let alone the internet, but none of that matters. What matters is that I’m back with an idea that hit me as I was taking a hot shower.
If you know anything about me, you know that I love to engage in deep meaningful conversations with anyone. I love to hear about people’s views on life and death and other topics that can be interpreted differently based on culture or age or you name the variable. I recall reading letters between writers in college and how important it was to get a better understanding of the artists behind the art, of the times in which they lived, and to me, the ability to build a more personal connection to the muses.
To start this series off, we have Talk-Sik, a skilled lyricist from Tucson, AZ who always delivers thought-provoking rhymes. With a recent release of his fifth full-length album “Tracking Serenity” being well-received by golden-age enthusiasts, I sat with the 24-year old MC for the premier Letra MindPour.
Here is Talk-Sik
Photo Credit: Jaron Ikner
1. Why do you want to become something? In essence, it’s like somewhere deep inside we feel unsatisfied. Why do we need to be satisfied? Could we live without that need? Why don’t you (we)?

I think it’s common to see people pushing to become something greater. Personally, I have the drive to constantly work on me. I am far from where I want to be, but I think that’s the point. It’s a journey. It’s a learning process and perhaps that image of who I am supposed to be, will change down the road. I am okay with that. It’s called growth.  As far as the cravings to become something, and whether or not we can/should live without fulfilling the need, I think it’s subjective.

It depends on the situation, as each is unique. To me, what constitutes a green light on fighting to become something, it comes down to intent. If you want to get that high position job to prove to your dad that you are a success, I say no. If you want to bench press the most amount of weight than anyone at the gym, because deep down you are insecure, I say no. If you want to sacrifice almost all of your time to work a job that you don’t necessarily love, just to stack up chips, I say no. No, you don’t need that. Why? Because it does NOTHING to fix what’s wrong in the first place. I think we all need to look within and listen to who we are. As long as I listen to my inner me, I like to think that I will be at peace, regardless. We don’t always need to be standouts.

2. What made you decide to do this interview? What if your vision backfires? You don’t think it will, that’s why you decided. You can’t predict the future, you just settle on one belief after another and that is your entire life. Can you live without needing to believe something will happen?

Personally, I have visions for who I want to be as a man, as a soul, as a father, as a son, as an employee, as an artist, as a member of society, etc. What I try to do is set realistic visions. I take a more closer-to-the-now approach with every aspect of my life. Some would say I’m not dreaming enough. Perhaps I’m not reaching my full blow-up potential somewhere, because I baby step everything. But that’s my recipe to success. Like you said, we can’t predict the future. All we can do is push forward. All we can do is roll with the punches. I roll with my punches the best way I know how. That is peace, in my opinion. Being okay with not knowing what’s next; Being okay with not knowing everything; Being okay with failing; Be receptive! Every day there’s a lesson to be learned if you look for it. This is why I’m happy. I wish more people would open their hearts and minds to understand one another. We are all on a journey, but we are all a part of each other’s journey. We are one.

3. Why do you make music? What does it mean to you (the music you make) and what should it mean to the world? What’s your view on its current state (music in general)?

To answer part of the last question, and part of this one: the reason why I am doing this interview and why I make music is to spark minds. Ultimately, it’s all an attempt to encourage others.

“Sik hop” is an open invitation, sometimes a challenge, to grow. At least that’s what I try to convey.
Other times, my music is simply me expressing myself and my own situations in life. I make some pretty introspective stuff lol. Sometimes to a fault. But that’s what it is. That’s what my muse guides me to do. Expressing myself is for me,  but challenging the listener to grow is my way of giving back to the universe. I feel like this last project is my best work, as I do with every project. Five years from now, knowing me, I will probably think I can do way better and drop something new. I fuckin love it. It makes me happy. I’m constantly growing.

What I want people to get from my music is that it’s supposed to stand on its own. I’m not like most emcees. Listen for the message, and reflect. Some people won’t get it. Some will. Others will dig it without fully understanding what I’m doing/saying. Others will know what I’m doing and automatically dismiss it. All of this is fine with me. Really, I just want to help others grow when they listen to my music.

Now, to music in general. I’m a fan of many genres but I don’t follow trends in the content for other genres like I do for hiphop. I see a change. I think it’s becoming more acceptable to be conscious. For example, this year alone, J. Cole dropped ‘Forest Hills Drive’ and Kendrick Lamar dropped ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’. Both albums were very succesful, commercially. I enjoy both projects because they are veryyyy conscious. I see it in some other projects like ‘The Documentary 3’, ‘Compton’, ‘If You’re Reading This Its Too Late’, ‘All Love Lost’ and some others. That’s just this year alone. Artists are starting to stand for change now, I hear it because im in tune with it and it’s exciting. They are painting conscious, and fans are more receptive these days. It’s a win-win for someone like me, as a fan and as an artist. I chalk this up to the consciousness shift.

4. Why haven’t we figured out how to coexist together? What do you think has to be done?

I think global conflict, at this point, is bigger than us. Hate and fear have been too far ingrained into the pulse of humanity for us to see a sudden change. That’s my realistic point of view. Ideally,  i think the solution is communication. I think it starts with each one of us as an individual. We need to love ourselves first!!! Then we need to communicate to understand our neighbor. We need to realize we are one. We are the same. We need to tear down our dividing walls. We need to love in the face of fear/hate. Only then can we coexist peacefully. This is an enormous task that requires mass energy and full participation. Something I think we are too distracted to accomplish. Nonetheless, we start with ourselves and we start today.

5. In some weird (and I mean weird) scenario where you were allowed to speak into the minds of every person, and in their native language (on some magical power steelo) one time, what would you tell them? What’s your message to the world?

Wow. Next time someone asks me if I could have one super power, what it would be, this is it. This bodies everything!
If I could, I would tell everyone that we are energy. We are sound. We are vibrations. We are part of the universe, yet we are universes on our own. Infinite. I would tell everyone to love without boundary. To share. To grow together. Because life is a journey. We are all on our own journey, yet we are part of each other’s journey. Life is beautiful if we are on the right vibe. Collectively, we can reach heights that I can’t even fathom; all through love. One vibe. 432.

Stream (and purchase!) Talk-Sik’s latest album “Tracking Serenity”


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