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What’s goodie World? Ezra here with the second installment of the Letra MindPour interview series. For this interview, I had the privilege of asking some deep questions to a talented producer out of Kingman, AZ.
IMG_64121. We’re all aware there’s a lot of chaos in the world, and with social media, it seems that all that negativity is in our hands within moments. Do you think the world is getting worse or that with technology, we get to see it faster? What are you doing to make this world better? Is there anything that can be done?

As I discover the many wonderful attributes of an aging perception and another season of growth, I think back to when I was a child more than I used to. I remember things always seemed so much simpler. I feel the complexity was always there, and I knew that, but none the less the small details mattered less than the ultimate goal. The achieving mentality that “I can accomplish anything”, and the possibility of success could be achieved from the Heart and mind connecting. The will to formulate the Infinite opportunities that life has readily available to anyone willing to challenge themselves faithfully.

In the back of my mind, the world has always seemed to have both greatness, as well as a tone of sadness and turmoil. The people need a voice again. When I was a child I wanted to be a revolutionary. I wanted to be someone standing tall for the human condition and our ability to come together as a people. Achieving great things with our collective understandings, while being conscious of our footprint on the earth. It just always seemed to me we shouldn’t be living in a synthetic world, but cohabitation with nature in a way I feel many have forgotten to.

I believe we are in a very interesting time right now. It feels as though technology has been both a blessing, and a contributing factor to this psychological game of guided suggestion and our impulse to be programmed to builder specifications so to speak. Now I’m not suggesting that this would apply to everyone obviously, but on some scale doesn’t it seem a bit obvious that something is going on? I notice a seemingly normal disconnect from actual reality vs, something a bit more virtual in my opinion. It has come to a point that Negativity in the world has never to this point, been so easily accessible so quickly.

For me, I feel that music and the many fine outlets in regard to that culture, is a way I like to speak to people on an emotional level. Music makes us feel good, Art, and the projection of self, has a way of creating a moment in time, and a space that the vibrations engulf our minds and bodies. It is that thing feeding the soul with something you cannot always see. For me music is that missing piece, that thing that helps create peace, or any other emotion we feel deeply in our complex way of being. I can only hope that my fingerprint in the creative world changes the world for the better. We need that.

As far as changing things for the better, it all starts with you. The proverbial “you”, as in the person reading this. Have integrity, honesty, bravery, be kind, and be aware of the problems in your communities. Do what is right even if you are told not to do anything, because people will continue to get away with, what we as a people allow them to get away with.  What we allow, and what we become comfortable with, the things we are okay with tolerating, will never change unless we each take steps in doing so.

2. Why do strive to become better versions of ourselves? Whether that be in our passions or our profession. Why is there always a sense of not being satisfied with who we are at this very moment and stop trying to become “better” ?

I feel there is a great deal of discovery in making an honest and grand leap toward progress. At times we feel as though what we are doing may never be enough, or we combat the feeling of being unsatisfied. To be fair, I have come to the realization for myself in times of debilitating self-doubt. To which the idea isn’t so much based in the idea of quitting, or giving up. Rather I find that I had become stagnant, in need of change, and tolerant of things I otherwise wouldn’t in a more focused version of myself.

There are times we all self-reflect and come to realization, or at least a sense of self awareness. Whether it be in and around our lives, or something settled more inward. I feel like being comfortable can be one of our biggest saboteurs on our journey to find meaning, and some level of personal success. Striving to understand yourself and the world around you, means educating yourself. That has a great deal to do with bettering ourselves. It doesn’t stop there, because learning is only a step in the process. What to do with that knowledge is something powerful to yield when you understand how to implement that into something that creates happiness, or personal success. To me balance has been a pretty powerful ally. We strive, because it feels good to think of where we want to be. Be happy where you are at though, as much as humanly possible so you don’t lose the passion for what you want to achieve and remember why you started in the first place.

3. Why are you a producer? Which is more important in a song, the beat/production or the MC/Vocals?

Why am I a producer? That is an interesting question. Well, for starters, I just kind of became one over time, and it wasn’t really the plan for me. I always thought I would follow in my father’s footsteps and become a tile guy, doing brick, concrete, stone and well, Tile or masonry work, something along the lines of construction.

I have always been a poet of sorts, and words were always like an intricate puzzle or an anomaly with seemingly infinite combinations and intertwining connections, opportunities to create beautiful forms of self-expression. Being able to make words flow and create something with an intellectual depth and complexity, was something that truly intrigued me on a very personal level, even to this day.

I actually started making beats, because I had begun rapping when I was like 12 or 13. As I grew more interested in doing so and practiced more regularly, I discovered instrumentals. It was noticeably realized that everyone I was hearing was rapping over the same beats. I wanted to create my own style of instrumentals. Something that catered more to my own personal emotions and personality. I got better and learned from a anyone willing to teach me something in form of production. I learned about mixing and its crucial importance. Then Began focusing on mastering songs, I was curious as to why the professional and billboard songs sounded so much better than mine. So I read a lot. The rest is pretty much History.

The Art form and the dynamic elements of every song, can have so many different variables to consider. To think any one element would be more important than the other, would be unethical in my mind. It’s all in the balance of a song. I feel like the beat, the production, and the voice are all collaborating together like a symphony orchestra. It’s like each piece is working in unison for a crowed of willing connoisseurs and open minded listeners all at the same time. Each person dissecting every piece and absorbing it as monkeys throw rotten apples at the band. People skydiving into alligator pits with nothing more than a shoot and a loin cloth. A conducted chaos with an end result of peace and tranquility. Then, back to reality and the song ends. So basically, no piece is more or less important than the other. Different strokes really.

4. What is your view on war? Is it necessary? Could we live without it?

In my perfect world, people would be in harmony with each other. Not only with each other, but with plants, animals, the earth, and the multiverses throughout the seemingly infinite mystery and unknown. I know I could certainly live without war, and honestly disapprove of such things. I dislike conflict when it results in hurt feelings, anger, or supreme negativity. Yet, conflict can be a quite powerful motivator and extremely awesome conversation starter.

Unfortunately in the world that we are living in today, I feel many people are under the impression that this is just the way of the world. That quite possibly, there is no solution to the endless ego and savage nature that lives within each of us. The story of Babel really starts to make sense in some respect, as miscommunication in my experience, can be a candidate which sometimes hinders the reaching the heavens with towers and what not. Among many other things, I feel like war is just a waste, yet sometimes necessary existence for survival. We all have wars with something, at one time or another in our lives, and the things we love are always worth fighting for on some level of understanding.

5. In some weird (and I mean weird) scenario where you were allowed to speak into the minds of every person, and in their native language (on some magical power steelo) one time, what would you tell them? What’s your message to the world?

Look deep into someone’s eyes, and hug them for a long time. It can be someone you have never met, or someone you care greatly for. If you are hugged embrace them until it no longer becomes awkward. Say hello to the passersby, and be friendly. Share knowledge, and listen to your elders. Walk barefoot on the grass, and slow down. Take a moment and realize what is truly important. Think about needs and wants. Take time to teach the children and help those in need. Never take more than you need and build something great. Hold no grudges and never lose faith in people or their ability to accomplish something wonderful. Never be a dream killer, nurture it and see where it goes. Know that sometimes parting ways with someone or something, is not always a bad thing, and sometimes we need to grow without. Pain is good, and adversity is okay. Learn from the experiences in life and appreciate every moment, as we are only allotted so many in a single life. Have fun, laugh, cry, and take in all that life has to offer. Be friends and respect boundaries. We can live in harmony with one another, and listen to AMOTBEATS.



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