DarkDayzBrightNights x JIMIJAMES [LISTEN/WATCH]*

“Love. Pain. Freedom. Sexuality. Spirituality.

This album is inspired by beauty and pain. The light and the dark. The glamour and the grit. Shaped by my journey, my realizations and my truths. I explore my imagination to live inside of my own colorful fantasy.

Uncensored and with confidence.”

JimiJames is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter connected in music, art and fashion. JimiJames’ range of creativity as both writer and performer has had her to work with artists as diverse in scope as Beyonce and Timbaland to Mayer Hawthorne. JimiJames has been featured in Hip Hop Weekly’s ‘Fresh Faces of 2015′ as well as industry quarterly, Amalgamation. She has been tagged ‘LA’s best kept secret’. We are looking to break the internet with this one and with more to come.

‘DarkDayzBrightNights’ is now available for download on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Dattpiff, AudioMack & LiveMixtapes.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

* – 2015 post-release




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